Thursday, September 15, 2011

How I Create an Illustration 3 - SCIENCE

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The "S" was from an illustration I created for Young Children Magazine. It was one of the letters that spelled S-C-I-E-N-C-E.

On my desk is displayed the different elements I used to create the letters and the art to go along with them. First, I traced letters from a template. Then, I measured and placed each letter in the middle of a box.

For the illustrations I widened each letter. My job is to capture images or a mood from the magazine articles.

The last step was to figure out the color scheme. I had to be very sensitive about how the letters worked all together and if they worked side by side.
I can always tell I'm done when I feel a sense of balance in my body.

Then the letters were published. Each article had one letter pop out.

Scroll down to see all the letters from SCIENCE.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School Visits: Dayton Bookings

2753 E. Pedigo Bay Drive, Bloomington, IN 47401
Contact: (812) 824-5017

For author visits around the United States (except New York City) I work with a wonderful booking agency, Dayton Bookings, click for my listing. A full service agency specializing in award-winning authors who write for children, young adults and adults. The agency is committed to assisting schools, libraries and conference organizers in planning a successful author visit -- from contracting until completion. To request booking information, fees, or availability, either fill out and submit the form or call Dayton Bookings at (812) 824-5017.

" The kids were so engaged. She's very animated, and held their interest." — Maureen Vadala, Librarian

My daily honorarium includes large or small group presentations as well as book-signings. In addition to the daily honorarium, I require reimbursement for travel, meal, and lodging expenses. Learn more about my Visits.

I also do virtual online visits. Online chats can offer options to more remote schools where the costs associated with an in-person visit might be prohibitive. Virtual visits tend to be more conversational so please be sure that students/staff are prepared with questions for the author.
 I will be happy to sign bookplates either ahead of time or after the chat, so students will still have the option to purchase signed books.
 Learn more about Virtual Visits.

My website displays my Picture Books, Picture Book Art, Biography, Author-Illustrator Visits, and Contact information.

Jean Dayton buys my art during Book Expo at the ABFFE auction. 2753 E. Pedigo Bay Drive, Bloomington, IN 47401
Contact: (812) 824-5017

Photos Copyright Melanie Hope Greenberg 2011